Monday, July 29, 2013

Half-Assed Update.

Meme-blog-filler time!

HATING: Pretty much nothing at the moment. Life is good. Oh, or maybe the crappy people giving people I love crappy time.

LIKING: The brief heavy rain in the afternoon just now. Man, we could use more of those! Also the fact that I have a genius cousin who is upgrading my three-year old netbook to a Windows 7 from Windows XP as I'm writing this; YESSS!!!

LOVING: Life. My husband, whom I'm so thankful to be with. My family (darling doggie included), who are always a very fun bunch to be with. My job as a vintage costume jewelry collector and dealer. And this KitKat bar I'm munching on.

WISHING: I have more money for my business. Seriously, buying gorgeous jewelry is addictive and so rewarding! Also wishing for a leaner and healthier body; never on my list but I think it is about time hahaha. For all my future parcels to reach safely and not have anything go missing.

HOPING: For things to get better for everyone I love; life can be tough, but seeing them upset makes me feel sad, too. That those items missing from my parcel is still in the suite. For Masters to go smoother from now on, and to finish everything by end of this year!

MISSING: My husband, who's busy making life better for all of us back at home. My best friends from primary school, high school, pre-university and university. My iPad *wails*. All those times when I was more in control of my research. My slim self in high school, hehe.

WANTING: To dress up. To go window-shopping around Kuala Lumpur. To wear my best jacket/coat and head to Genting Highlands. For everyone I love around me to be happy and healthy.

NEEDING: More time. More money. More space. More happiness. More luck. More of all the good vibes in the world. :)

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