Friday, January 18, 2013

Text Books for Vintage Costume Jewelry!

I was recently given some cash by my dad (my ol' ATM still works off and on LOL), who told me to go buy something I like.Initially, this is the money I will be using to by a new iPhone, but since I am working on a budget this year and my current Nokia E71 is still serving me well, this sudden "income" becomes very precious to me.

It will all most likely go to my survival, but let's just pretend I am allowed to splurge a little!

I decided to use a teeny portion of that to get a reference book:

Yes, I am not as hardworking as you think when it comes to my education, but this book is very important to my business, so it is justified!
I have heard nothing but good things about it, but what really got to me is the 670 pretty, colored pictures of amazing vintage designer jewelry by Kenneth Jay Lane!

I know I'm gonna love this book forever since I managed to get a glimpse of a few preview pages that got my jaw dropping to the ground.
This will be very useful to me since I do acquire authentic vintage Kenneth Lane jewelry during my hunting trips!
I'm so excited!!!

I got my first costume jewelry reference book in Borders, The Curve, when I was given the 1Malaysia book vouchers to spend:

I actually had no idea what to get, and was so surprised to know that books like this one actually exists!
So yeah, I spent half of it on this book and I did not regret it one bit.
I learned so much about costume jewelry since, and I have improved so much as a collector and seller.
This book is so good that I just had to purchase the first of its series:

Actually, I should have started with this book first, but I'm not complaining!
There is the third book that focuses on using jewelry backs for identification, but since these books have new editions in a few years, I shall be patient on the purchase:

From what I know so far, reference books on costume jewelry is scarce in Malaysia.
I guess not many people look for them, and since it is quite pricey, that makes them even harder to sell!
Kinokuniya in Suria KLCC has a great selection, and it probably is the best among all.

e-Books are much cheaper, but I still feel that it is much better to have the extra heavy ones because it is so much more fun to flip and discover!


Designer Jewelry said...

These all books about designer jewelry are well guided and very helpful.

Sammy said...

@Designer Jewelry: thank you! we look forward to adding more books like these into our collection :)