Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baby Hazel!

We adopted Hazel on 31 May 2014, and the whole situation was so different than Abby's adoption.
She came to us as a surprise; we were still dealing with Misha's and the puppies' passing at that time and I had no plans to readopt or allow another Siberian Husky in our lives so soon.
We only had Misha for 4 months and the puppies for 2 months, but the pain of losing them was terrible and we loved them all so dearly.
I guess God has better plans for all of us, so in came Hazel to bring balance to our lives again, including Abby's!

I remembered the first day was pretty rough; Abby was the alpha-female and wasn't very pleased with her newest, youngest sister.
It didn't help Hazel at all, and she kept to herself all day at the back of the room where it is dark.
Abby did try to play with her, but every time Hazel attempted to scout around, Abby will snap at her and it will be back to square one again.
By the second day, things got so much better and she adjusted herself to sleep underneath the beds (with Abby) instead of the back of the room all by herself.
She even showed her playful side, and spent lots of time with Abby, and I'm sure my older girl is very happy to have a sister for company, just like what I wanted for her to have with Misha before.

As time passes, the hubby and I suspected that Hazel was abused since young because she had many scabs on her body and she was extremely afraid of people.
She was extremely shy and refused to let ANYONE touch her head!
The moment you reach out your hand, she will dart away and hide underneath the bed till the nest morning.
Trying to bond with her was a little tough, because she obviously has trust issues.
It took her almost a month to get used to everything, and for her true, sweet side to come out.

Here are some things I learned about her so far:
  • She has beautiful deep, brown eyes.
  • She has a tail that looks constricted at the base; not sure why but could be injured before.
  • She easily gets distracted by noises and movement.
  • She LOVES to play, and I really do mean LOVE because she will be initiating playtime most of the time compared to Abby!
  • She has plenty of energy, and loves to jump.
  • She is extremely agile and is able to maneuver or dart around the room like a pro.
  • She is extremely destructive when left alone; we suspect it is a severe case of separation anxiety.
  • She loves tearing fabric is straight lines.
  • She chews on ANYTHING; plastic bowls, plastic door, rubber gloves, wood tables from Ikea, swivel chair wheels, etc.
  • She can get bored of food easily, but gets extremely hyper and dances around when it's meal time!
  • She prefers to allow only me to touch her head while I'm hovering around her.
  • She also allows ONLY me to kiss her on the head when hovering around her.
  • She hates it when people grabs her paw; and Abby is smart enough to use that to annoy her, LOL.
  • She wags her tail a lot when happy or excited.
  • She loves to play with water.
  • She drinks a lot and pees WAY MORE.
  • She loves the cage. Seriously, she kept wanting to go in and stay there.
  • She adores Abby and allows her to be the alpha-female.
  •  She takes orders very well from the hubby.
  • She loves staying close to me, and that includes following me into the bathroom.
  • She enjoys scratching the floor when hyper or excited.
  • She is very calm compared to Abby.
  • She enjoys sleeping underneath beds, but lately also enjoys sleeping out in the open; best guess is that she has less insecurities now.
  • She loves belly rubs.
  • She is extremely sensitive when someone or something is hovering near her.
  • She enjoys sleeping on our feet when we work.
  • She sneezes A LOT.
  • She sheds SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN.
  • She is very independent when we're around.
  • She is very silent compared to Abby, but she grunts when resting, growls when dreaming, sighs when cuddled, yaps when she senses we're at the door when we just got home, and barks at Abby when she has gone too far during play time.
  • She is rather gentle and not snappy.
  • She is slightly shorter than Abby and is definitely smaller than Misha; she's pint-sized!

Can't wait to spend more time with my two girls, and shower them with all the love they both deserve.
Nothing else could matter more than my family now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Lot has Happened.

Over the months of not blogging, plenty has happened.
Some very happy moments, and there was one that broke my heart.

Here's a summary of what happened in my life while I was away from blogging:

Abby grew up.

Coco came to stay with us while my family went to Hatyai.

Abby grew up some more.
Went to Cameron Highlands to do some field work with my family's company.

The hubby's grandaunt came to visit.
The hubby's anniversary gift to me; my name with his surname in between spelt out in his lawn.
We adopted Misha.

Bonded with Misha.

Chinese New Year 2014.
Went to Melaka with a few good friends for our coursemate's wedding.

Misha gave birth to two boys and two girls (on Valentine's Day, which also happens to be Chap Goh Meh; Chinese Valentine's Day) and nobody knew she was pregnant; not even the previous owners.

The puppies learned to walk blindly.

The puppies then opened their eyes.

Designed jewelry for the first time for a competition, but didn't submit it in the end because I loved the end product too much.
The puppies grew up even more (top to bottom: Nikolai the second boy, Anna the third girl, Alexei the eldest boy, and Mia the youngest girl).

The puppies had their first bath.

The puppies grew up some more.

The hubby and I went to Singapore for 3 weeks.

Had to rush back from Singapore when tragedy struck; Abby had to adjust to sleeping in the room with us for the night.

 Abby had to endure a five-hour ride from Penang to KL, and she met her grandpa for the first time in the car.

Misha and her children passed away, and we had to make burial arrangements.

Adopted Hazel.

 Hazel had her first bath.

 Discovered how destructive Hazel can be when left alone and unattended.

 Brought the girls down to KL; Hazel's first trip.

 Went to Bangkok with my family.

Came home and was smothered with cuddles and kisses by the girls.

Discovered that Hazel finally knows how enjoy by sleeping on pillows or hugging bolsters, while Abby enjoys being wrapped with fuzzy blankets.

 Went to check on my angel-doggies' tombstone, which turned out perfect.

Discovered Hazel is capable of hogging the whole sofa.

Saw the girls cuddling during the rain at my side of the bed (today).

Monday, November 4, 2013


Him: Never assume. Because if you do, you will make an ASS out of U and ME.
Me: ...

I swear, this sounded funnier during the conversation.

Thirsty Hippo.

Him: Wah, I don't know why I'm so thirsty today?!
Me: What did you eat last night?
Him: I don't know...
Me: You swallowed silica gel, is it?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Abby!

Say hello to what my whole life is about now:

This is baby Abby!
The hubby and I found her wondering around the streets alone, but she looks really cheerful and adorable.
She's really small and we feared that she will get knocked down by cars, so we rescued her and brought her home with us.

On her first night, the hubby had to go out late at night to check on her when she whined, while I checked on her when she whined again in the wee hours of the morning.
I joked with the hubby that it is like having a baby because we are already losing sleep over this LOL.

But I enjoy all this because I feel like am fully responsible for Abby, and no one else will love her like I do.
In fact, I feel more attached to her than ever, and it is likely that I will be the one struggling with separation anxiety when I travel!
Since 23 October 2013 (we have her for 6 days now; most eventful 6 days EVER), here's what I learned about Abby so far:

  • She's very friendly.
  • She has beautiful brown eyes.
  • She looks like a Labrador mix.
  • She's rather gentle.
  • She has sad-looking eyes that make puppy eyes look even more convincing.
  • She loves cuddles and hugs.
  • She loves to playfully nibble our feet.
  • She pees and poops only grass.
  • She loves to swallow food whole.
  • She loves biting on foreign objects; stones, dead birds, small plot of grass, fruits.
  • She loves jumping on tall grass.
  • She enjoys sinking into tall grass.
  • She's not much of a water-drinker unless she was out and about.
  • She loves squeaky toys.
  • She enjoys taking walks or runs.
  • She whines a lot when her leash is tangled.
  • She does not know how to untangle her leash herself even though she loops around just once.
  • She loves sitting in between our feet.
  • She likes to place one of her front paws on our feet.
  • She loves to hug something during sleep.
  • She fully sleeps when she's on her side.
  • She whines a lot for attention when she knows we're nearby, but once left alone for five minutes, she starts entertaining herself with the squeaky toy (like at this very moment).
  • She's not afraid of bigger dogs; constantly plays with them until startled by a loud bark or annoyed snap.
  • She stops whining immediately when we open our bedroom door.
  • She's very sensitive to our presence.
  • She wags her tail when we are in sight.
  • She throws a cute little tantrum when she fails to move further from her leash.
  • She detests being kept in a small cage.
  • She isn't afraid of lightning and thunder.
  • She loves belly rubs.
  • She's afraid of canes; the very sight of it silences her but we don't use it.
  • She picks up her name rather quickly.
  • She loves to lick wet legs.
  • She has huge paws for her size.
  • She has really soft fur on her ears, head, and chest.
  • She doesn't bark, but has a high-pitched tone.
  • She loves running in between our feet and often get stepped on by accident.
  • She's a little clumsy.
  • She sheds a lot of fur.

I can't wait to learn more about this precious little girl, and look forward to more time with her!